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Leaders and professionals want to be more than productive or engaged, they want to experience their own unique personal power and impact.  They want to not only be inspired, motivated and empowered but to be and feel powerful, included, and impactful. Practicing the latest productivity "hack" or diversity program where you engage in often one sided company goals doesn't have enough juice for what's needed to win in a competitive market. It's time for leaders to connect to their own internal fuel to create and contribute to the aligned vision and mission of the organization and company as a whole unit.

Our Evók Team has over sixty years of combined expertise and experience in transforming people, teams, and organizations into their full power to achieve extraordinary outcomes. Our workshops + trainings, executive coaching, and organizational design + consulting take you beyond the vicious cycle of strategies, action plans, and new rallying cries to transformation that delivers real results.


CREATE THE PATHWAY FOR maximum  contribution to the organization and its goals

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Our Certified BEprint™ facilitators each bring more than fifteen years of corporate, academic, or entrepreneurial expertise and training from a number of backgrounds including leadership, talent management, diversity and inclusion, and corporate wellness.

Let our team walk you through a half-day, full day, or two-day BEprint™ workshop where each participant builds a personal strategy for maximum creativity, performance, and contribution to the organization and its goals…

Or license our BEprint™ technology and we'll certify your own leaders to facilitate and train The BEprint™ expanding the impact and cultural shift.



We design solutions to transform your organization, your leadership, and your life. There are all kinds of barriers and limitations you unconsciously put up for yourself. Left unchecked, these unseen walls can sabotage the success path of even the most clear, well meaning, and committed leaders.

We work with individual executives and executive teams for four, six, or twelve weeks to completely redefine and redesign their leadership for themselves and their organization. Our systematic process enables us to go deeper, faster to completely shift perspective and accelerate results.




If you are not addressing the unique and innate value of each individual on your teams including yourself, you are missing major opportunities for performance, productivity, passion and profit.

As a business leader your company culture and results are a significant part of your identity, so it’s always a work in progress. Optimizing your identity and your organization's identity to its full potential requires a fresh set of thinking, with new, more effective tools and a bold new outlook.

That’s where we come in.

We bring business strategy, organizational design, and training solutions as a way to align and ultimately realize both professional AND personal goals for you and your organization. Our process co-creates 360° solutions for how you lead in every area, accelerating your transformation and nailing your business results.



Our PROGRAMS deliver transformation and real results

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