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Who are you? There is a way that you’re being about your health, work, relationships, or money that is invisible to you. It matches neither your goals nor your vision for your life. There’s a gap between how you show up and what is actually required to create the results you want. Today you spend your energy, time, and peace of mind being busy, doing everything you can hour after hour with hopes of closing that gap. You charge through your to-do list like the sun bursting through a rain cloud. Nothing but your cell phone in your left hand, your keys in your right, and the fire of failure not being an option burning in your eyes. Sometimes you hit the goal but often times you do the hard work and still miss the mark on what really matters to you. 


In today's constantly demanding world, we often equate value with productivity, reducing life quality to a strictly economic measurement. Dreams and goals are left to the few hours of a week unclaimed by our obligations. With such limitations, life becomes reactive rather than proactive. Pursuit of the things we are most passionate about are all but abandoned. Can you truly claim to be happy when the things you find the most fulfilling are what you have the least time for?

Being is the New Doing outlines a simple tool that marries spirituality, science, and reality to create a framework for going all the way in and uncovering the core definition of who you are as the blueprint for what you do and what you have. Think of it as a programmer's guide to your own unlimited potential. This book provides a clear, sensible set of strategies for owning your energy, time, and peace of mind as the creator of your life’s results.

Key Lessons Shared in Being Is The New Doing

  • Being, intention, and purpose are not abstract concepts reserved for meditation and prayer; they are very tangible and practical tools to own your life.

  • Transformation is a lifestyle and you can transform your life in a simple, systematic, and repeatable way because you say so, not because there is a crisis or intervention occurring.

  • You can identify an exact anatomy of who you are being in any given moment or situation.

  • Intention is more than a thought or an objective you have in mind, it is the sum total of who you are being.



An interactive 90-minute well-being experience to transform your conversation about you and your life. Join us for:

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