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THE evók intention planner

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The evókINTENTION Planner is a powerful 90 day tool that combines goal and intention setting, daily productivity, and journaling all in one structure to create lasting results and see the difference you want in your life.

It is the only planner that marries the triple threat of your energy, time, and focus to create results and infuses the guilt-free, unapologetic power of intention into your mind, body, and spirit every day.

Use the evókINTENTION™ Planner every day to:

  • Prime your mindset for positivity and life focus

  • Capture new ideas and lessons learned

  • Manage projects and milestones for maximum productivity

  • Plan daily rituals and create moments for celebrating your wins

  • Shift your default habits into results and experiences that are more meaningful

  • Measure your results and impact those that matter to you the most


You Already Plan What You Do, Now Design Who You’RE BEcomING.

Use your evókINTENTION planner to set the priority for each month, design each week, and live daily with high intention to create your goals in real life.

  1. PRIORITIZE and set your target intention each month.

  2. DESIGN your rituals and routines each week.

  3. LIVE daily with high intention and impact.

  4. REVIEW your week for alignment and fulfillment.

IT’s 2019 Who are you becoming?


Meet the designer

How is it that you can make all the right choices, do all the right things to the best of your ability, keep it all together, and still find yourself on the wrong side of your life?


intention is about who you’re being, not what you’re doing

I was doing too much.

I was a professional, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend, and a host of other titles and roles I had chosen to take on. I had goals, dreams, and desires and I created them all in real life. I mapped out plans to achieve exactly what I wanted and I accomplished what I envisioned.

Sounds all good, right? Not exactly.

In all my clarity, focus, and productivity I was driven to create a full life that was not fulfilling.

Every day, I would make sacrifices and hustle and grind creating result after result but at the end of each day I was exhausted and unsatisfied.

My day rarely felt complete and the things that mattered most to me, including my own well-being, were constantly left on my “to do” list for tomorrow.

I was highly intentional...or so I thought.

I wanted to stop doing so much but I was afraid of letting go of a pattern I had not only mastered, but one that had served me well for years.

How was I going to balance my responsibilities, achieve my goals, and maintain some sanity if I stopped all my “doing”?

The Answer? BEING.

You Don’t Have an Intention, You ARE an Intention.
— Radiah Rhodes
Designer of the evókINTENTION Planning System

Designer of the evókINTENTION Planning System

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The COMPLETE TOOLKIT TO Design who you are, Own Your Intention, and create the exact life you want.


Being is the New Doing introduces and outlines the framework around the BEprint™ Intention Scale. It’s a simple tool that marries spirituality, science, and reality to give you a measure for going all the way in and uncovering the core definition of who you are as the blueprint for what you do and what you have. Think of it as a programmer's guide to your own unlimited potential.


Monthly, weekly, and daily sheets for people who want to BE.

BE Whole

BE Well

BE Powerful

BE You.

You Already Plan What You Do, Now Design Who You’re BECOMING.


The Powered Professional™ is just what you need to shift any area of your life in less than 60 Days. YES, less than 60 Days. Get the tools, the coaching, and the community to master the three plays and enjoy the power of Struggle Free Success™.

I.Be You.

II.Do Less.

III.Have What Matters!

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