You Sow, But Do You Harvest?


You sow, but do you harvest?

I worked a high stress job in an increasingly toxic environment for 18 years. I was taught to work hard and wait for my reward, but never to harvest it.

Harvesting is different. It IS rewarding, but it is not the reward. It is the process of gathering the reward. It is the bounty of good food, but it is not eating.

In corporate I worked hard, and my check showed up in my bank account. I didn’t chop down the tree to make the paper my check was printed on. I didn’t count the bottles of product sold and tally the profit to withdrawal my share. I developed a serious disconnect between my contribution and my checks. I developed the sentiment, “if I work hard, be good, follow the plan…it will come”. NOPE.

In the real world, you MUST harvest.

We are wired to survive, we are conditioned to work hard to earn a reward. When we grew our own food, we sowed seeds and we harvested the crops. Today we toil but when do we harvest?

Har-vest: The process or period of gathering a ripe crop from the fields.

“Use scissors to cut the largest leaves individually from the plants. When the smaller leaves get big enough, harvest those. You may be able to come back to a plant two, three, or four times, a few days apart, before it gives up in the summer heat.”

I sowed a bunch of seeds this summer. Tomatoes, peppers, melons, mint, basil, and more. I was focused on getting the right types of seeds, soil, fertilizer, and planters.  I took my time and made it a family project to set up each crop just right. I watched each day to see what would sprout up. I check the soil, watered each planter, and moved the planters into new spots if I noticed it was getting too much or too little sun.

Welcome to the jungle! My seeds started sprouting all over the place. The mint, basil, and cilantro went wild first. Then the stevia plant, don’t even ask me how you use stevia leaves, shot up like bamboo. I watched everything double and triple in size…

But I never harvested it. I kept waiting.

Is it big enough?

I don’t even know how to harvest the plant?

What if I cut too much?

What am I going to do with all of it?

It will go bad if I cut it, I’ll just leave it on the stem.

So, you know what happened right? The cilantro shot up flowers that attracted little bugs that ate the leaves. The basil yellowed from prolonged sun exposure, and the mint just stopped growing. I guess it thought – “look I’m here for you. If you ain’t gone use me, I’ll just chill.” LOL.

Listen. You ain’t got to tell me twice. I have learned my lesson.

How do you eat, if you don’t harvest?

Here’s what I now know.

BE. Powerful. BE Present. BE Purposeful. BE Proactive

HARVEST HABITUALLY – Go daily and reap the seeds you’ve sown. What you need and want surrounds you. Stand in your power and reach out, call, ask, announce, invite, and schedule. You have sown in earnest and the crops are ready. I’m humble and grateful and that is still not harvesting. Waiting for my reward to come in for good behavior, hard work, high hopes, and because I really want it – is not harvesting.

BIGGER IS NOT BETTER – Some of the sweetest berries are not the biggest. Over grown fruit or veggies become too soft or hard to eat and enjoy. Pay attention and tend to your crops. If you stay present and connected you’ll know when it’s just ripe, firm, tender enough to harvest. Small wins add up.

TRACK YOUR TIMING – Remember what you’ve sown and when. Be purposeful and aware of what you’re growing and what the expected outcome could look like. Is it a grape tomato or a big heirloom tomato. You’ll spend eternity waiting for a grape tomato to grow to heirloom size.

PRUNE PROBLEMS THAT POP UP – Yellow leaves, cracked stems, and rotting fruit take precious growth energy from the plant just like the healthy parts. Watch how things are developing and nip the nonsense at the bud.

In the end, I've gotten some great peppers, a few tomatoes, lots of mint and some AMAZING basil. Not a bad yield for my first time. I'm looking forward to taking on harvesting as a practice. It's way past the time to shift my energy from sowing to harvesting. The yield is always exponentially bigger than the seeds planted.

BEcome as much of a master at harvesting as you are at sowing. Take the case that you actually don’t need to earn it. It’s yours because you’re here…period. And if that doesn’t work, then take the case you’ve already earned it. Whatever works for you.

Just go harvest your crops. Now!

Love and light!


P.S. If you are ready to harvest now, there are three ways you can START:

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2. Read Being is the New Doing to start defining who you are and who you will become to have what you desire.

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Radiah Rhodes