What if You Didn't Have to Figure it Out?

What would it be like if…

You didn’t have to figure it out?

You didn’t have to do it alone?

It wasn’t all on you?

Your pathway to success is clear, you just can’t see it from where you are because, as they say, “The eye can behold everything but itself.”            

What you want is right there, so why does it seem so far away, or so hard to make it happen.

You’re doing everything you know to do. You’re setting intentions, hustling and grinding, up leveling your circle, doing your self-care and everything...yet you’re still waiting for “IT” to happen. You’re still not there. Something is still missing.           

Why are you not “living your best life”?.  

You’re not missing your best life because you aren’t smart enough, strong enough, or persistent enough.           

And you’re definitely not missing it because you’re not taking action or doing enough.  

You’re not living your best life for three reasons:

1. You won’t go deep - yep, you’re holding back and you refuse to go deep down to your truth. You have a vision of success, but you stop at capturing it in pretty pictures on a board. You set goals that don’t get to the core of who you are and what you truly desire. The practice of pretty vision boarding and partial goals won’t fulfill you. It will make you feel like you’re calling the shots, but then you’ll still come up short on deep satisfaction.       

2. Your life is already good. You’ve got the title, the passport stamps, and the cute clothes…what more is there? You are highly educated, experienced, and accomplished but it hasn’t made you as happy as you’d hoped it would. The “good life” trappings have actually become the trap that’s keeping you from great goals and real fulfillment. When will you stop settling and get rid of the void in your life for good.        

3. You won’t let anyone help. You think you just need to figure it out. If you read enough books, create a vision board, pray on it and work real hard, it’s got to happen. You just need the right quote or message to spark the answer. NOPE. You do know a lot and you’re doing a lot of what you know, but great goals require more than your personal will and sacrifice. Plus, it’s exhausting and draining AF! You need a team.      

I know you’ve made some progress. You’ve opened up a little more this year than you did last year. You’ve shared your big goals with a few people...cautiously.     

But is cautious action enough?    

It can’t be if you’re still waiting for that feeling.  

That moment when you know in your soul, without a doubt, that you’ve arrived. Mama, I made it!

Well working real hard and waiting for it to happen, is wasting your time.

I waited and wasted years wanting to be saved from my job, my man, and my family, all of it. Waiting was really a backdoor way of allowing myself to hold back and avoid going all in.

Going ALL-IN is scary. Stepping out of the norm and into your passion exposes you and that’s a “no-no” in this IG, FB highlight world.

So I did the most to avoid it, including “figuring it out”, taking on a bunch of stuff that wasn’t mine to own, and doing it all myself.

All to avoid the ONE THING that’s required for my goals…

Going ALL - IN. Take this 5-minute quiz to see how ready you are to go ALL-IN!

ALL-IN is not doing a whole lot. It’s not about the struggle and the sacrificing. It’s actually about the alignment and flow.

ALL-IN is about the moment. It’s about meeting each moment fully present, alive, and in your power. It’s about letting go of who you’ve been and what you’ve done and BECOMING the version of you who can create exactly what you want.

You have enough information, inspiration, and motivation for 10 lifetimes. No more figuring it out, going it alone, and putting it all on you.

Here’s the plan

            1. Dive Deep

            2. Go for Great

            3. Get a Team

And Let’s GO ALL-IN in 2019!

Love and light,


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