It is a new year! Many people are making resolutions, creating vision boards, attending New Year’s prayer vigils, and creating goals designed to have this year be the year where one’s “best life” is being lived. As I reflect on the possibilities that a new year brings, I am reminded of what I think I need to really have this year be my best year and to live a life that is worthy of me. I have spent much of my life on the proverbial fence, and now I am declaring 2019 as the year of going all in and being fully accountable to live what I know.

You see, I have been a so called spiritual seeker for the past 30 years. I have studied and learned a lot about spiritual principles, the power of thoughts, intention, being loving and living life in the now (among other things). However, I often find myself not fully living what I know and trying to “figure out” what to do in my life. What I know for sure is that living a great life doesn’t get fulfilled through figuring it out or reading the next self-help book or even knowing how to live great.

Living a great life is the result of living a great life…and that requires the willingness to go within to go ALL In in each and every moment. Here is what this look likes for me:

1.     To stop expecting that anything external can provide me with the experience I desire. For me this means to truly give up the “knight in shining armor” fantasy. Whether that “knight” is money, a man, 20, 30 or 50 lbs., or external validation, I am giving up the belief that anything external is needed for me to have what I desire. I am declaring that in 2019, I am living the spiritual principle that can only have what you embody.  Embodying requires me to focus on my own anatomy of being and align this anatomy with the experience I want. This means shifting from trying to get love to being loving. It means that I stop looking for money and start being prosperous. It requires me to appreciate myself instead of insisting that others acknowledge or value me.  

2.     To be willing to bring myself fully to all of life in each moment. I am letting go of the need to hold back for some later someday and bringing my full self to the life I have now, not the life I’ll have someday when everything gets figured out and handled. This means you can fully count on me to be with you, when we’re in each other’s presence. This means you can count on my yes being a hell yes and my no being a hell no! I am either all in or all out, no in between! No more speaking about what I know, but doing as Peace Pilgrim instructed: To live the truths that you know fully!!

3.     To fully experience any pain without the need to deny, dismiss, suppress or indulge what I am feeling. As Michael Singer reminds me in his ground breaking book the Untethered Soul, “to live free, you must learn not to be afraid of inner pain and disturbance. You must look inside yourself and determine that from now on pain is not a problem. When you feel pain, simply view it as energy. Relax and Release. Relax your heart until you are actually face to face with the exact place where it hurts. Stay open, receptive and present. When you are comfortable with pain passing through you, you will be free.  On the other side of the pain in ecstasy!” This year I am ready for ecstasy and I’m going all in on the pain until I reach the other side.

4.     To live life on life’s terms. This means to give up the notion of a “one day someday life” for “the right here right now life” that I am living. In this vein, no more trying to change people, the world, or circumstances to fit my own picture of how things should be. When I am feeling “some kind of way” about what is happening, I’m giving up trying to fix what is going on “out there” and instead dealing with what is going on “in here.” I can then powerfully shift whatever is needed for me to accept life fully and move in peace instead of discord. Life on life’s terms doesn’t mean I give up or give in, it means I go in, shift, and move in my own power in each moment. 

I invite you to go all in with me in 2019! What I know for sure is that no resolution will ever work if you are not resolved! That resolve, in my humble opinion, comes from the willingness to go all in, live fully the truths you already know, and allow yourself to live life on life’s terms! Are you in? I pray so!!  Let’s make 2019 E P I C!

Love and Light,

Dr. Roni

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