Thousands of women representing more than 120 countries convened at the Taj Dwarka hotel in New Delhi, India last month for the Women Economic Forum’s annual summit. The theme inspiring this community of women world changers; “The Economics of Goodness: Empowering Potential, Engineering Change” was the spark that ignited 502 sessions, 70 plenaries and a guest list of more than 2,000 multi-cultural leaders in business, government, private and public-sector organizations.


Sound like too much for one event? No. It wasn’t overwhelming at all! In fact, it was a wonderfully orchestrated outpouring of knowledge sharing, mentoring, recognition, celebration and awareness. Thankfully, I had the good fortune of being there to take it all in and I led an Evok workshop focused in Intention. During the conference, I was delighted by the sights, sounds and smells — from the vibrant colors that adorned the cultural clothing display of Indian sari’s, African designs and Western wear, to the essence of curries, marigold flowers, sandalwood incense, and masala chai. Even in the multitude of dialects, languages and expressions used to communicate, there was a sense of oneness, purpose and unity. I knew that this was where I belonged. I looked around, took in the crowd, breathed a deep sigh for cleansing, gathered myself, and moved to the main hall for the opening session.

The Women Economic Forum (WEF) is more than just a “conference.” WEF is part of an international movement of empowerment and leadership, a diverse and powerful forum representing the global gathering of heart centered women uniting with a common goal, to love ALL and serve ALL with an energy and force the world has never known.

WEF is an annual global event hosted by ALL Ladies League (ALL), the world’s largest league of women. ALL is an evolution of collaboration, fostering women’s economic empowerment, leadership and love with an all-inclusive global community of over 20,000 members with 450 global chapters, spanning 75 countries. The organizations overarching objective is to exponentially enhance women’s economic progression and leadership skills and to become an active change agent in all spheres of self and society.

Women gather at WEF with a deliberate intention to move ideas, inspire creativity, let their voices be heard and to rise united and uplifted.                                                                - J. UZZELL

WEF represents the coming together of collective minds, inspiring life stories, talents and resources expressed in the spirit of relentless positivity and generosity, cultivating invaluable business ideas and partnerships as well as embracing the genesis of life long bonds of sisterhood. Women gather at WEF with a deliberate intention to move ideas, inspire creativity, let their voices be heard and to rise united and uplifted.

From the community health worker who talks about her small village supporting women to receive maternal health care, to the entrepreneur introducing venture funding for local women business leaders, to Corporate Executives committed to causal work that changes lives, communities and the world — these women stand shoulder to shoulder, arms locked in solidarity sharing best practices, seeking guidance and cheering each other on for the advancement of global causes that will position women and girls for freedom.

During the WEF, I received an award for Technology Advancement – a recognition that I humbly accepted for my work in global health and maternal and infant care. And the Evok workshop on Intention I led on day two of the conference was a true highlight. During the session, I presented a process for the participants to own a major shift in their lives and to be intentional about making it happen. The workshop showcased how to break the cycle of being out of balance and unfulfilled in a busy life.

Evok Life by Design is a well-being company…emphasis on BEING. Being well. Being whole. Being you…and the company does something that is unique to the industry in that it designs products that transforms ones BEING so that others can BE intentional about making the significant shifts that transform lives.

This message resonates with all women and the diversity of participants during my Evok workshop is a proof point that the company’s practices fulfill a global gap that transcends race, cast, income, career and lifestyle. We all need an immersion in BEING.

During the session, participants were asked 4 simple questions. They logged their responses and a few brave women boldly shared their thoughts and allowed me to walk them through the Evok Intention Scale practice which meets you where you are and builds a path for a new journey.

WEF offers women a platform for freedom of choice and the Evok workshop uncovered the truths and actions necessary for the women live in their design self. It was an honor to deliver a tool that helped women who travelled local roadways and traversed through major airports, access a clarity of thought that helped them to live a more holistic, intentional life, and in return impact those around them in a sustainable way.

Lives in New Delhi were changed during WEF, and therefore, lives around the world will feel the presence of intention.

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Janeen Uzzell is an Evok Insider and global leader on a mission to use her experiences, influence and voice to lead causal work that changes lives, communities and the world. Follow her on Twitter @janeenuzzell

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