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Let’s create your powered professional™ game plan

Here are a few things you can do to set yourself up to reap the full rewards of #1WeekWayUp:

  1. Pull out your calendar and block off non-negotiable time each and every day, starting tomorrow, to commit to creating your Powered Professional™ Game Plan.

  2. Open your emails, following the daily prompts, and participate here in the group.

  3. Get bonus points toward winning by posting on all social channels about the challenge using the hashtag #1WeekWayUp. Invite a friend. Spread the word. (Remember, to gain more points to win: Use the hashtag #1WeekWayUp every time you share and post about the work you are doing to complete the challenge on social media.)

  4. Turn on your notifications for the Evók Experience FB Group, because the Evók Team will be going Live to chat about the prompts and answer some of your burning questions that come up as you’re going through the challenge.



Breeze through this Whole Goal WORKSHEET to Take an honest inventory of your life and identify an area of focus that clarifies your destination. You'll see your themes and trust your intuition to guide your course.



How would you show up every day and be ALL IN in for your goal. What would you have to believe, think, feel, and do to jump out of the bed on 100, ready to rock. Download this Design Anatomy WORKSHEET to define and design who you’re BECOMING.



You now have Permission to Play! Download your Game Plan Worksheet. Games give us a structure to lighten up and go all in for the win. Think about your goal and what you’re up to. Then look at your NEW WHO and ask – what game would I play to achieve that goal?



You now have a game, how will you know if you’re winning? We call them BOLD RESULTS, they’re like points you score during the game. So if you’re playing and winning your game, what two results will you deliver on the way to achieving your goal? Add two bold results to your Game Plan Worksheet.



For Day five, I want you think in BIG steps, like Mother May I, remember that game? What are the five big steps that would land you at your goal. You only get…5. What five actions are necessary to move you forward to reach your goal. Add your ÓS Actions to your Game Plan Worksheet. Here’s a quick guide to ÓS Actions.

Tell Your Truth.png

day 6

When you’re playing a big game,  you need a whole squad and every “small” step matters.

Who would be on your team? Groups, individuals, etc. Who would you reach out to and connect with to champion, support, and hold you accountable for your goal?

And how will you celebrate along the way? Fill out your Squad and Celebrations on your Game Plan Worksheet.



You now have a complete Game Plan! It’s time to Check Your intention and find out just how committed you are to implementing your Game Plan. The key is to increase your intention to levels 4, 5, 6, and 7 to achieve your goal. Knock out this Story Worksheet to check your intention level and close any gaps to shifting and moving with clarity, power, grace and ease!


To fully complete the challenge, submit your Power Move Game Plan to us for consideration! Please send an email to the team following the below guidelines:

Subject: #1WeekWayUp PPP Submission
Body of the email:


  • Your Goal

  • The Name of Your Game 

  • Two bold results

  • Five ÓS Actions

  • Your team and celebrations

  • Your intention level

And let’s us know…How was the journey? We want to know what gaps you identified, where you had some major wins, and… what’s next for you. Fill us in with the tea in your emails!

Thank you SO much for joining us!


The Evók Team