Self-Actualize like a CHAMP.

You are the master of this ONE LIFE you have.

So why not BEcome the greatest version of YOU imaginable?

Why not get off the safety of life’s bench, and get in the ring?

A space where you can train hard to create...

A YOU built on what makes you smile.

A YOU fighting for health over computer screens.

A YOU that plays passionately with your children.

A YOU that evokes every ounce of love you share with your man.

A YOU mastering to-do lists that bring passion, not pain.

The bench is safe. The bench is familiar. The bench is predictable.

The bench is your default mode.

Feels nice, but are you really a spectator? NO.

You are a woman who gets in the game, especially when it comes to OWNING your power.

Your power to BE present, BE fulfilled, and BE alive in joy.

You’re fighting for wholehearted living, girl, and you will WIN.

Sure, you have doubts. You are a smart, badass woman, so of course you’ve read all the books. You’re up to your eyeballs in inspirational self-development gurus, but still, you haven’t found what you need to weaken your greatest opponents: insecurity, fear, guilt, and shame.

Up until now you feel like...

- You’ve juggled family, career, dreams and well-being like superwoman on her third espresso shot, but you’re aching to find out if superwoman ever gets some “me” time.  

- You’ve worked hard at every fad diet and exercise trend there is, but the thought of trying to fit in another 360-yoga-barre-extreme-cardio-lates class only adds to your anxiety.

- You’ve tried to squeeze in date night with your husband, yet that old spark is fading and you’re worried you’ll drift apart.

- You’ve outlined and vision-boarded the heck out of your life, then worry that the next step you take will be the wrong one, so you take no steps at all; stuck in the same patterns.

- You want to follow that whisper in your heart calling for a change, but you’re scared change means losing everything you’ve created -- your “picture-perfect” image.

It’s enough to drive a woman nuts.

So you’re itching to jump over those ropes, dropkick your guilt, and knock complacency upside its head. You’re ready to FIGHT FOR YOUR PURPOSE.

Free of fears and demands. Free to access your power and put your needs first.

So you can seize CLARITY.

Put your SPIRIT into ACTION, and…

Allow your life’s PURPOSE to FLOW.

You’re done spinning your wheels. You’re ready to do the intensive inner-training to launch this NEW YOU.  You’re ready to GET IN THE RING and spar with your fears.

Can you imagine having a CONCRETE TRAINING PROGRAM and PROVEN EXPERTS that help you do the reps that will get you there?

Honey, you don’t have to imagine it.

You’ll run your life like an olympic athlete when YOU FINALLY...

- Balance family, career, dreams and well-being because you’ve harnessed the power to say “no” to the obligations that don’t speak to your higher purpose, and “yes” to life.

-You’ll be filled with joy when you’re shaking your thang in that salsa class because you CHOSE a workout that makes your heart sing. The weight will come off like magic.

- Take that needed vacation with your husband and kids because you no longer feel guilty about stepping away from work -- emails, conference calls and presentations can wait!

- Have a clear and structured set of steps that you can follow from A to Z. You’ll dig deeper faster, and find the courage to launch a career that speaks to your life’s purpose!

- Seize the courage to take a big, giant hammer to that “picture-perfect” life that everyone’s so crazy about. Let ‘em have it. You’re living your life with purpose now! You’ve done the hard work to stay spiritually grounded, authentic and free!

You’ll be looking at that bench like, “HA! Why did I ever settle for you?”

You’re ready to start blueprinting a wholehearted YOU.

Evóking a life of purpose that keeps you floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee.


A toolkit for re-designing a life that gets YOU IN THE RING. A gorgeous box filled with the well-tested and proven tools (a blueprint for creating a NEW YOU!) that will TRAIN YOU TO:

- DISCOVER and uncover the blocks that are limiting your greatest potential.

- DESIGN and clarify the vision of YOU that lives in your imagination, solidifying your purpose.

- EVÓK LIFE by aligning all areas of your world with YOUR intentions, and get…


A training program that will empower you to walk through life like the WINNER you are.  With three experts in your back pocket there’s no way you can lose.

We’re Radiah, Roni and Tawana, and we’re the fierce guides going into the ring with you; working together to help you self-actualize like a CHAMP. Together, we hold a multitude of degrees in higher education and a bevy of certifications in coaching, project management, and consulting. We’re scientists, speakers, multi-million dollar business leaders. We’re moms, we’re spirit-driven, we’re women.

We’re your “after” picture.

We are what it looks like when you’ve knocked out your complacency, taken ownership of your life, and fulfilled your heart’s desires. But girl, allow us to be brutally honest, we haven’t always been champs. We’ve gone more than a few rounds with that feeling of uncertainty that you’re on! We’ve come home to that feeling in our guts, wondering if there’s more to life than to-do lists and obligations that don’t capture our excitement for life.

We’ve felt the anxiety that comes with putting up our fists and punching our picture-perfect lives right where it hurts.

But guess what happened after the glass shattered? EVÓK LIFE was born.

Cue the Rocky theme song.

It’s true, one day Radiah found herself in a state of spiritual confusion. She realized that despite all of her success, she wasn’t quite fulfilled. The guilt from not embracing her wonderful life was crippling. She worried trying to find her way back to her joy would dismantle the beautiful life she had built. She was on the bench, and scared to step into the ring and fight for her happiness.

If she was going to go five rounds with her insecurities, she wanted REAL RESULTS.

So, she asked the tough question: “Who am I?”

The answer? “I am life-changing love.”

Two words, “I am,” changed the trajectory of her entire life.

“I am” became a spreadsheet. - ROUND ONE

“I am” became a system. - ROUND TWO

“I am” became The BEPRINT. - ROUND THREE

“I am” became the life-changing love she, Dr. Roni, and Tawana all sought. - ROUND FOUR


A training program that allowed all of us to step up to the plate and see tangible results:

- Increased energy and satisfaction

- Weight loss and improved health

- Thriving relationships

- Decreased anxiety, stress and depression

- Increased feelings of happiness and joy!

We’re all for spreadsheets, schedules, and To-Do lists

But only for the shit that matters.

And who decides what matters?


You have the final say in whether or not you sit on the bench.

Or if you fight for what you deserve: vitality and wholeness.

We’re a trio of spiritual and life design experts who’ve built the program for you, so you can slide into those boxing gloves and get down and dirty to UNCOVER YOUR JOY.

THE BEPRINT program is unlike any other self-development training program out there. We don’t abandon you at “self-improvement.” We stand by you as you achieve SELF-EXPANSION; hitting hard until you reach your goals. Because being a champ doesn’t mean always winning, it means learning from the losses and constantly evolving to do better!


The BEPRINT 3-Module Workbook, a design guide and detailed program with three modules that will help you Discover, Design, and Evók Life, so you can throw a punch at “settling for less or status quo.”

- The BEprint Map, a physical map that will guide you through BEprinting the changes you want to see in your life, so you can finally rock those winner’s gloves!


- 4 Live Weekly Q&A Calls with our Evok Life Designers, a hotline for accountability and a support network that will help you launch!

-The BEprint Box, all of the materials you need to transform your life all in one beautiful package. The BEprint Box is full of Evók love and inspirational goodies including an Audio Teaching CD for each module! You’ll have your trainers right there with you.



For just $495!

One low price to finally become the CHAMPION of a NEW YOU, a you that will enjoy years of powerful presence, profound peace, and passionate play!

You’re ready to throw down. Go on, and...


Starting at just $495!!!

BUY NOW and get 50% off!

That’s just $495!!!

The ring looking kind of big and scary?

Need more badass fighters to confirm that we’ve got the goods to bring you championship-level joy?

We’re happy to oblige.

We’ve got an army of lovely ladies who’ve used The BEPRINT Program to transform their lives.

After I Buy… What’s Next?

- Your order will be received by our shipping experts at Evók Life who will get your Power Your Purpose Program to you within 5-7 business days.

- You’ll receive an email from us breaking down the live weekly calls, including dates, times and the conference support line you’ll be calling into.

- Then, get ready to pummel your insecurities, and stand tall in your POWER.

The only way to love your life is to design it around who you are at your core; your highest vision for yourself, your dreams, passions, values, and purpose. When this core is fully powered you are healed, and we believe that when women are healed, everybody is — families, communities and the world.

Imagine that? A world where powering your purpose can heal a global community.

Let Evók Life and The BEPRINT Program turn you into the champion of your own life.

Let’s get in the ring,

Radiah, Dr. Roni, and Tawana



I’m concerned about dismantling my life. Can The BEPRINT Program really help me through this?

Absolutely, you are in good hands! So many of our clients come into this process scared that they’ll have to make sweeping changes to improve their lives (divorcing their husbands, quitting their jobs, escaping to an isolated island in the middle of the caribbean!). That’s not the case! What we do is help you bring forth the parts of your life that bring you joy, and ditch those that disempower you. It might mean carving out time for your childhood love of painting, or maybe having a conversation with your husband about sharing what's not working - whatever it is you will always have choice, support and feel sure in the process.

How much of a commitment does this require?

You have the power to Evók change! The BEPRINT is the first step in Evók Life’s SOUL-CORE TRAINING. It’s a 30-day process that requires a 2-4 hour commitment per week (including phone calls). That said, the package is designed to be self-directed, so you can invest the time as you choose. Live phone calls are there to support you wherever you are in the process. If you need to take it slower, that’s a-okay too. We got YOU, remember?!

Do you offer private life-design sessions?

Absolutely, we’re one-on-one coaching machines! We’re trained to work with individuals to help them Evók their best life. Click {here} (link to contact page) to get a quote for the private “me time” you’re looking for.

I don’t want to take it slow. I’m ready to dive all the way in with Evók Life. Where do I start?

You got it! The BEPRINT Program is the first step in Evók Life’s SOUL-CORE TRAINING. If you’re ready to get in deep with the full package then {click here} (link to services page). We’ll take care of you!

What’s your return policy?

We have a 7-day money back guarantee on unopened packages (shipping not included). But once you crack that baby open, it’s all yours and no refunds can be issued. So why not commit to being in the ring with life? ;-) Trust us, you’ll never regret EVÓKING YOUR PURPOSE.


Starting at just $495!!!


BUY NOW and get 50% off!