Master your BEing and BE transformed.

This is the work...

You have ONE LIFE. so why not live it filled with JOY?

BEcome the greatest version of YOU imaginable.

Not someday,. TODAY.

A YOU built on what makes you smile.

A YOU that chooses health over computer screens.

A YOU that passionately plays with your children.

A YOU that adores the man you've chosen.

A YOU that is unchained from to-do lists and ready to live.

This is the blueprint of a life that actually breathes.

A map that allows you to BE present. BE fulfilled. BE alive in joy.

A BEprint for wholehearted living.

YOU see it?  You with a strut in your step that would make Beyoncé jealous?  A version of your life unleashed on the world that makes you proud?

Sure, you have doubts.  You are a smart badass woman, so of course you've read all the books.  You're up to your eyeballs in inspirational self-development gurus, but still, you haven't found what you need.

Up until now you feel like...

You've juggled family, career, dreams and well-being like superwoman on her third espresso shot, but you’re aching to find out if superwoman ever gets some “me” time.  

You've worked hard at every fad diet and exercise trend there is, but the thought of trying to fit in another 360-yoga-barre-extreme-cardio-lates class only adds to your anxiety.

You've tried to squeeze in a date night with your husband, yet that old spark is fading and you feel alone, sad you’re drifting apart as you drown in life obligations.

You've outlined and vision-boarded the heck out of your life, then worry that the next step you take will be the wrong one, so you take no steps at all; stuck in the same patterns.

You want to follow that whisper in your heart calling for a change, but you’re scared change means losing everything you’ve created -- your “picture-perfect” image.

It's enough to drive a woman nuts. So you're itching to take the reigns, drop the facade, and FINALLY BREATHE.

Free of fears and demands.  Free to access your own power and put your needs first.

So you can seize CLARITY.

Put your SPIRIT into ACTION, and...

Allow your life’s PURPOSE to FLOW.

You're done spinning your wheels. You're ready to launch this NEW YOU.

Can you imagine having a CONCRETE PLAN and PROVEN EXPERTS that help you get there?

Honey, you don't have to imagine it.

You’ll truly strut through life like Beyoncé when YOU FINALLY...

Balance family, career, dreams and well-being because you’ve harnessed the power to say “no” to the obligations that don’t speak to your higher purpose, and “yes” to life.

You’ll be filled with joy when you’re shaking your thang in that salsa class because you CHOSE a workout that makes your heart sing. The weight will come off like magic.

Take that needed vacation with your husband and kids because you no longer feel guilty about stepping away from work -- emails, conference calls and presentations can wait!

Have a clear and structured set of steps that you can follow from A to Z. You’ll dig deeper faster, and find the courage to launch a career that speaks to your life’s purpose!

Seize the courage to take a big, giant hammer to that “picture-perfect” life that everyone’s so crazy about. Let ‘em have it. You’re living your life for you now! Spiritually grounded, authentic and free!

Sound like music to your ears? Are you ready to start blueprinting a wholehearted YOU?

Evóking a life of purpose never sounded so good!

Say hello to THE BEPRINT.

A toolkit for designing the life of YOUR dreams. A gorgeous box filled with the well-tested and proven tools (a blueprint for creating a NEW YOU!) that will HELP YOU:

- DISCOVER and uncover the blocks that are limiting your greatest potential.

- DESIGN and clarify the vision of YOU that lives in your imagination, solidifying your purpose.

- EVÓK LIFE  align all areas of your world with YOUR intentions, and get…


A plan that will empower you to see your way to the brighter side of your life triumphantly. With three life-transformation experts in your back pocket.

We’re Radiah, Roni and Tawana, and we’re the fierce guides going with you on your journey to self-actualization.  Together, we hold a multitude of degrees in higher education and a bevy of certifications in coaching, project management, and consulting. We’re scientists, speakers, multi-million dollar business leaders. We’re moms, we’re spirit-driven, we’re women.

We’re your “after” picture.

But girl, allow us to be brutally honest, we haven’t always lived in consistent joy. We’ve walked that road of uncertainty that you’re on! We’ve come home to that feeling in our guts, wondering if there’s more to life than to-do lists and obligations.

We’ve felt the anxiety that comes with holding a hammer to your “picture-perfect” life.

Guess what happened after the glass shattered? The BEPRINT was born.

Cue the resurrecting phoenix from the flames.

It’s true, one day Radiah found herself in a state of spiritual anguish. She realized that despite all of her success, she was in denial and avoiding her truth. She was over-worked, miserable in her perfect-looking marriage, and she wanted to find a way back to her joy.

She was sick and tired of spinning her wheels and knew she didn’t want to read another self-help book. She wanted results.

So, she asked the tough question: “Who am I?”

The answer? “I am life-changing love.”

Two words, “I am,” changed the trajectory of her entire life.

"I am" became a spreadsheet.

"I am" became a system.

"I am" became a blueprint.

"I am" became life-changing love she, Dr. Roni, and Tawana all sought.

"I am" became the BEprint. 

A plan that allowed each of us to see tangible result:

- Increased energy and satisfaction

- Weight loss and improved health

- Thriving relationships

- Decreased anxiety, stress and depression

- Increased feelings of happiness and joy!

We’re a trio of spiritual and life design experts who’ve done the hard work for you, so you can walk a solid path to your life’s purpose, a path filled with JOY.

THE BEprint is unlike any other self-development tool out there. We don’t abandon you at “self-improvement.” We stand by you as you achieve SELF-EXPANSION; reaching your greatest potential.


-The BEprint, a physical map that will guide you through blueprinting the changes you want to see in your life, so you can finally take the next step!

- The BEprint Workbook, a detailed guide that will help you look inward and ask the tough questions, like “Who am I?”, so you can BE that phoenix rising.

- The BEprint Quarterly Planner, a gorgeous planner designed to help you take action with your life’s purpose, so you can go from spinning your wheels to living your joyful life.

- 4 BEprint group phone sessions, a hotline for accountability and a support network that will help you launch!


- An Evók Life T-Shirt! You can wear it with pride when you realize you’ve BEcome the change you want to see in your life.

- An Evók Life tote bag to keep all your new tools in one tidy, always accessible place!

- The Evók Life North Star, symbol of you freedom, and a reminder to always follow your inner compass!


…Create Your Personal Design BEprint in Three Steps

1. DISCOVER: Uncover and get free from the anatomy that’s been running your life

2. DESIGN: Define your vision, declare your purpose and expand your intention

3. LIVE BY DESIGN: Align your whole life with YOUR intention and get Soul Satisfying Results