We are the only life design firm that takes you beyond the the way you’re living and leading today to the life and work that actually fulfills your vision and dreams.


T. Brown

"I have "Evók'd the best parts of my life and it feels amazing! By attending a 6 week program, receiving one on one coaching, and focusing on some important exercises for my life;


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B. Walsh

Evok's approach makes personal transformation more accessible. While my personal spiritual journey has taken me far and wide, only Evók has pushed me towards the complete integration of my spiritual and professional selves. 

Working with my Evók team has helped me realize the root of some of my actions that I haven't been able to understand for the past 30 years. This alone has been tremendous and life changing.


K. Evans

I was starting to feel myself going down a path of complacency in my career.  I created permission for myself that was freeing and inspiring.  Working with Evók was what I needed to restore the version of me that dreams and the first step in designing the version of me that lives out her dreams in real life.