This is Your Exclusive Opportunity to Widen the Reach and Message of Evók and Expand Your Own Brand and Cash Flow at the Same Time!

We have a unique vision and mission here at Evók Life by Design...

Transformation as a Design

And you have your own powerful message and unquenchable desire to make a lasting, indelible impact on the world.

Chances are there’s some synergy here, where we can combine efforts to create an unstoppable force in the marketplace.

It happens when you become an Evók Ambassador or a Certified Evók Designer.

  • Imagine having unlimited, exclusive access to our Evók Design Team, with a complete line of top notch, cutting edge materials and training.
  • Imagine enjoying a dynamic marketing platform and highly responsive support to elevate your brand and client impact quickly and easily.   
  • Imagine spreading the word even further with Evók lifestyle products, including T-Shirts, journals, day planners and more, to enhance the Evók experience!

This is a certification program created for people who want to help change lives. It provides you with the information and the inspiration you need to get started, but then something amazing happens…

You quickly begin to realize that you are truly making a difference!


When you get Certified as an Evók Designer you have the ability to use Evók branded programs and products in a variety of places!


We know corporate.  Our programs are centered around leadership principles and results. We provide powerful tools that enable existing resources to get expanded outcomes.

"The BEprint process is the blueprint to get what you want.  It's so much deeper than a vision board or action plans and strategies."



The Evók Design Team of personal development specialists, wellness and fitness experts, and spiritual practitioners are equipped to train the whole you, mind | body | spirit. Our processes yield extraordinary results!

“OMG, The BEprint is AHHMAZING! This is Oprah in a Box!”

T. Harris


Most programs leave you hanging at inspired and motivated...some even empowered. Very few leave you transformed.  Our programs and facilitation are designed with the pure intention of true transformation.

"Working with the Evók Team, I have realized the root of issues that have blocked me for the past 30 years. I AM CHANGED!"

C. Hendrickson

So if you’ve been looking for a way to impact more and create a brand that truly excites and inspires, then take a look at the certification options below.

Evók Ambassador

Share your excitement about the Evók experience with the world. Help us to spread the message of Being is the New Doing with the masses through joint venture and Co-Branding marketing opportunities as well as social media, speaking engagements, and more.

Evók Designer

Expand and grow your brand and impact by becoming certified to teach and facilitate Evók programs. Get a fully designed program, materials, marketing strategies and support, and receive discounts on Evók programs and lifestyle products for you and your clients.


Level 1: Individual BEprinting

Level 2: Organizational BEprinting

Level 3: Design Intensives

But that’s just the beginning…

You then take that curriculum and facilitate it as is, for live or virtual events — or you use it as a starting point and customize it to your own vocational specialty!

Our processes, programs and partnership will take you beyond information, inspiration, or motivation to true TRANSFORMATION. Our methodology, curriculum design, and certification program will bring a whole new meaning to training and development.  We bring an end to the vicious cycle of self-help, professional development, goals setting and action planning to finally give you access to REAL RESULTS!

Let’s take a look at what you receive:

  • Live Training and BEPRINT™ Certification Program
  • Generous revenue share of workshops and programs delivered
  • Evok Workbook and Curriculum Guide
  • Closed BEPRINT™ Designer online community
  • Evok Sales Kit with marketing materials
  • Back Office support for program development, marketing & sales
    • Branded Marketing materials
    • Internal Portal Access
    • Certified Designers get Sales support i.e. we will find clients along with you while you cultivate your own sales through your business and brand
    • Certified Designers get discounts on training and access to new programs
  • Discounts on materials and retail products

Full Certification + Licensing for One Year!


or 3 Monthly Payments of $999

Remember, BEING is the new doing! You might be starting to realize that this was meant for you, and that’s a feeling you should take hold of and never let go.

This is the kind of unique opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

  • It’s a chance to release your fears and apprehensions so you can move forward with renewed confidence and stand apart from the crowd.
  • It’s a chance to finally invest the time and energy in YOURSELF so you can clarify your brand once and for all.
  • It’s a chance to stop looking back at past failures and start looking ahead to the victories that await you--so you can make that impact on the world that you KNOW is possible.

There’s never been a better time to get started!