Existing Resources, Expanded Results


We are a design firm for people. We specialize in taking you beyond the way you're operating, leading, and living today to the organizational culture, leadership impact, and meaningful living that actually fulfills your true goals and vision.

We guide leaders, teams, and organizations through our three step design experience to shift you beyond your current default way of doing business to your specific Organizational BEPRINT for success.

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Organization by Design


Our expertise and experience is in transforming people, teams, and organizations.  We partner with leaders and executives to breakthrough business barriers and limitations by transforming the culture, structure, and social pathways of the people in your organization.  

Organizations are groups of individual people...with individual lives. We leverage our process within your business and with your people to drive performance, productivity, and passion that enables you to connect with your organization and realize bigger profits with existing resources.  

Employees are now more committed to their individual needs than ever and this will continue with the growth of our Millennial workforce. The bottom line is if you are not addressing the value of each individual on your teams you are missing major opportunities for performance, productivity, passion and profit.

Leadership by Design


As a business leader your work is a significant part of your identity so we bring business strategy, brand definition, executive coaching, and organizational training and design solutions as a way to enable your professional AND personal goals.

Our process co-creates 360° solutions for how you boldly lead in every area.  It has proven to accelerate transformation; allowing you to take the time to invest in yourself and manage:  

  • The risk of taking a leap and coming up short
  • The fear of being exposed or dropping the ball...or
  • The burden of “one more thing" to do or make happen.  

while transforming your results and experiences with your own wellbeing, your family, team, and business.

Through our work you get freed up from obligation, overwhelm, and all of the "busy" so you can lead with balance, authentic power, vitality, and even fun. Evók is the answer for Business Leaders in a world of competing demands who want to experience success by focusing on the few meaningful things that bring them vitality, joy, and impact. 

Life by Design


Many of our Business Leaders are accomplished, smart, passionate, bold, and ambitious. They have a lot of what they want in life and are looking for what’s next in a new and meaningful way.

You may be out of balance; sacrificing and risking your health and relationships to make your career or business a success...beyond that, you may even be done with the frustration, disappointment, and drain of a life that is full but not fulfilling. We work with you to create custom designed solutions to live healthy, achieve success, and increase passion in your life.  We offer real solutions to transform your habits and expand beyond the life you are living to a life you love where you have vitality, success, AND intimacy...not one at the expense of the others. 


  • Decisions to be made
  • Questions to be answered
  • Responsibilities to be addressed
  • Tasks to be completed
  • Jobs to be done or situations to be handled...

We design real life, work, and relationship solutions for business leaders who want it all; healthy living, success, impact, and intimacy.