Be E-Powered because EMpowered is not enough.

E-Power is Evók'd Power. It is internally motivated, in your control and therefore sustainable. E-Power drives a personal excellence that is effortlessly created and fueled by your own purpose and passion. EMpowered is power given by External Motivation. Empowerment requires consistent validation from outside forces to maintain and causes a vicious cycle of information seeking and temporal inspiration without yielding meaningful or lasting results!

Purpose + Passion + Productivity = ePOWER

Leaders and professionals want to be more than productive or engaged, they want to experience their unique Personal Power and Impact.  They want to not only be inspired, motivated and empowered but POWERFUL. Practicing the latest productivity "hack" or engaging in often one sided company goals doesn't have enough juice for what's needed to win in a competitive market. It's time for leaders to connect to their own internal fuel to create and contribute to the aligned vision and mission of the company.

Our Evók Team has over sixty years of combined expertise and experience in transforming people, teams, and organizations into their full power to achieve extraordinary outcomes. Our unique and proprietary process and programs go beyond the vicious cycle of strategies, action plans and new rallying cries to deliver real change and real results.


Executive Coaching

We design solutions to transform your organization, your leadership, and your life. There are all kinds of barriers and limitations you put up for yourself. Left unchecked, these unseen walls can sabotage the success path of even the most well meaning and hard working people.

Our mission is to identify and break through those barriers by showing you the leadership secrets to transforming the culture, structure, and social pathways of your business or organization.  


facilitation, program Design, Workshops + Trainings

We leverage our process and facilitators within your business and with your people to drive performance, productivity, and passion that enables you to connect with your organization and realize bigger profits with existing resources.  We design programs around the most impactful areas for your business and your bottom line.


organization design, Company brand definition, strategy development

As a business leader your company culture and results are a significant part of your identity, so it’s always a work in progress.

Optimizing your identity and your company's identity to its full potential requires a fresh set of thinking, with new, more effective tools and a bold new outlook.

That’s where we come in.

We bring business strategy, brand definition and organizational training and design solutions as a way to enhance, and ultimately realize, your professional AND personal goals.

Our process co-creates 360° solutions for how you lead in every area, accelerating your transformation and nailing your business results.


BOTTOM LINE: if you are not addressing the value of each individual on your teams including yourself, you are missing major opportunities for performance, productivity, passion and profit.

Don’t let that happen! Our FREE strategy session will help you to assess your current situation and give you some preliminary tools and wisdom to get your organization moving forward. 

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